Desain Buku Laporan Tahunan "PT Noras Nusantara"

NORAS NUSANTARA is an exploration services company that dedicated to provide high quality of wide range exploration services in Indonesia for both mining and oil & gas industry The company was founded in Bandung, Indonesia in 2011 by a group of professionals who had many experiences in exploration and development process of natural resources especially in Indonesia.

Noras Nusantara has built an impressive team to implement our mission and operate in two business segments: Mining Sector and Oil & Gas Industry. Noras Nusantara provides the people, equipment, expertise, and technology that support the exploration and development of the world’s natural resources. Services are mostly provided locally that involved in the early exploration and development phase of potential projects and are supported by a global knowledge base and resource pool of experienced personnel. The services are often offered in combination in order to achieve the optimum results for the clients. Our clients operate in many locations and under different conditions. To be able to meet their needs in the best possible way, Noras Nusantara’s organizational structure is decentralized and client-oriented, delivering a wide range of services in a variety of operating environments and conditions. Noras Nusantara strives to achieve strong market positions based on technologies, high-value services, and a strong from local through international presence.